Welcome to Camp Gysinge!

A cozy and versatile experience camp located semi-centrally in Gysinge by Dalälvensstrand. Many of our different customer categories meet here as we offer everything from corporate events, conferences, weddings, camp schools, stag/hen parties, family adventures to outdoor-loving guests visiting Gysinge and Färnebofjärden National Park. This is possible as the area is divided into different bookable areas/premises with slightly different orientations and styles. It is perfectly possible to book just a specific part or a completely complete package.
Important to keep in mind is that the area where the camp is located is open to everyone, even if your group has booked an event place, there may be others swimming from the jetty or fishing... in the area for a while. But the area is large and everyone in the area shows consideration for each other, so they soon find their own place to be. The same applies to high volume at parties. Everyone learns to show consideration for each other and manage things neatly and within reasonable limits. The camp is divided into different areas that can be rented in their entirety or in different parts. These are also adapted to the different sizes of the parties

Camp North
-Cosy timber cabin for up to approx. 14 guests. Those who want a cozy and inspiring meeting environment or the group of friends/family who like to cook over the fireplace on the brick wall, hang out and spend the night in the cabin, which has 4 beds and can be combined with booking one to two extra tent beds. Here you can also supplement with an overnight stay for all or a few in our cozy tent cabin equipped with a wood-burning stove and comfortable, luxurious tent beds. There is also a cozy headland with fireplaces and benches and tables as well as a hanging cookong in the pine. Of course, we also have a large sauna with two associated hot tubs. The bathing jetty with the associated bathing ladder is so well sized that if you want to sit on it and eat breakfast, it will work brilliantly!

Camp Syd
A small island of its own, which is a versatile venue with a large de lux booth with timber and glass walls that gives a fantastic panoramic view over the Dalälven and Gysinge rapids. Normally, the cabin is comfortably furnished with a furnished area for sitting at cozily decorated tables and bench sets with reindeer traps and kerosene lanterns, a larger bar area, sofa and pouf lounge and large centrally located open fireplace with cover and chimney. For larger groups, the basic furniture may need to be adjusted to make room for all guests. In its current design, the cabin can accommodate over a hundred guests with adjusted furniture. For larger bookings, it is possible to extend the cabin further. Thanks to the current furnishings, the cabin does not feel too large for the smaller group either, but only very versatile. Good opportunities for cooking and catering and other pleasant activities. Here at camp Syd, too, we have cozy fireplaces with benches all around, as well as options such as our own wilderness bath with a sauna and regular up to three hot tubs, but it is no problem to increase the number of tubs here. A refreshing dip in the river also takes place here from a large bathing jetty with a bathing ladder. Here, too, it is possible to book a larger overnight cabin equipped with comfortable and luxurious tent beds and a wood-burning stove. If your number is greater than what can be accommodated in the cabin, we will set up more adventure cabins from Tentipi equipped with wood-burning stoves and tent beds or sleeping mats depending on your wishes and number.

Stora järnboden
up to 100-150 guests depending on furniture. Our cozy and rustic event venue. Here we run everything from exhibitions, weddings, conferences and dinners. The room is approx. 20x10 meters and basically adapted for events of various kinds. The rest of the area is then adapted and furnished so that it is adapted for the upcoming event. The premises are normally cold, but we have the capacity to heat them up and therefore use them throughout the year. Overnight at Camp Gysinge or at one of our partner facilities. with pitches, rent a rustic and cozy overnight cabin or book our cozy overnight tents. If you are a guest at Camp Gysinge, the following is also available -Bookable pitches for motorhomes and caravans -Service building with toilets, shower water refill and outdoor washing station. - bookable activities for both individuals and groups (these normally need to be booked in advance) - drop in activities such as renting canoes, fishing equipment, heating your own sauna, tandem bikes...


Rent Canoes

Sauna or/and hottubs

Fun activities

Rent some fishing gears

Buy some good Lures from Wolfcreak or flyes from ouer guides

Rent a fishing cabin whit sauna

Book some nice meals or do some outdoor cooking whith friends or family

Fishing activites with guides

Action activites

Just have a nice and relaxing day next to the river


A nice place for culture and nature