Wilderness bath in Gysinge Camp Nord

After a pleasant day in Gysinge, the evening is best ended in a warm and pleasant hot tub / sauna!!!

Wilderness bath in Camp Nord

Basic package
Cozily located directly below the gysinge rapids, the old rafting area is scenic by the river's shore.

Here you can enjoy the view from the sauna in community with your friends.
The sauna is spacious and with its two-meter lavas, it can accommodate up to 8 sauna guests at the same time. A smaller relaxation / changing room and a terrace for two. Outside, we have the usual two hot tubs with plastic on the inside. Possibility to expand the bath with extra hot tubs if needed.

-We always change the water after a proper cleaning before every bath.
-Just a few meters from the sauna is a nice bathing jetty with a bathing ladder if you wish to take a cooling dip in the valley river.
-You can swim here in both summer and winter, and if you wish to book for something / some of our options, it will go very well.
-The heating time varies during the seasons of the year, but about 3-4 hours for hot tubs in summer and about 30-50 minutes for saunas. In winter, it can sometimes take about 7 hours for the hot tubs and about 60-90 minutes for the sauna.

Prices heated and ready on delivery at the agreed time. (Our leader stays 20 minutes after the agreed time, after that he or she leaves the place and you are responsible for the bath regardless of whether you have arrived by then or not.
-Sauna + 1 hot tub SEK 5,200
-Sauna + 2 hot tubs SEK 6,600
-Rent of extra hot tub price SEK 5,500/extra tub.

It is possible to pre-book the rental of bath towels, price SEK 80/piece, lost bath towels, price SEK 100/piece.


Find the spot

The Wilderness bath is located in a natural setting directly below the Gysingeforsarna on the northern side of the Camp.

Pree-book meals or rent outdoor cooking epuipment and be a chef.

If you want something yummy for the bath, we can help with that via our local partners in Gysinge or with one of our cooking activities.

How does it work in the basic concept?

You let us know what time you wish to bathe and our staff will leave the bath heated and ready for you and give you instructions on the spot.

You then continue to fire yourself with care so that it doesn't get too hot!!

Fire yourself 

If you wish to fire yourself, we discount our prices by SEK 800. Then you take over the wilderness bath with new and fresh water in the hottubs and you fire them hot yourself.

You can swim all evening until the fairies let loose.