Guided Sportfishing for Northern pike 

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Join our fully equipped boat for active fishing for, among other things, pike, perch and zander. ​Normally, the boat is equipped for spin fishing. If fly fishing is desired, we recommend two fishermen in the boat and let us know this at the time of booking.

The boat is on a trailer so we can adapt the choice of fishing water to the prevailing conditions and fishing pressure. ​We are happy to help you with an overall concept where we package your entire experience with the parts you want such as food, accommodation and other pleasant activities. If you do not find the ultimate package for you, we are happy to tailor a package according to your conditions. We like to build our packages with feeling and thoughtfulness. It is not always that fishing is the experience that weighs the most heavily on all participants in the group. For us, it is important that everyone gets a wonderful overall experience where some also want to have camp coziness! Mingle and socialize in a cozily arranged mingling hut, Take care of your own cooking and we will provide the grills, wall ovens and wood-burning ovens that you might need. Someone among you might want to fire up the sauna, try smoking some perch or play tricks in the mingling house... We are open most of the time and there is not much that is impossible.

We cooperate with really good accommodation facilities that we want to recommend to you. These can also deliver conference rooms, coffee, lunch and dinner.

The seasons affect the fishing a lot! Pre-game fishing: As soon as the ice begins to loosen its grip and the days get a little longer, the early spring fishing or pre-game fishing for pike begins. The pike is a little frostbitten after a long and cold winter. The cuts are a little less frequent and preferably during cutting periods, and great caution applies with the fish, which must be handled carefully so as not to affect the upcoming spawn. But the pikes can really be rough now. This year, we really spread out the trips and fish over a larger area to influence the fish as much as possible before the game.

After spoon fishing Now the fish is going to eat itself and is really willing to bite! Here, too, you have the chance of long and large fish, but the record weights usually don't happen as they haven't really eaten their fill again. We usually try to wait a period immediately after spawning so that the pike have time to recover and start filling up the energy depots again. But since we fish in several different waters from lakes to the river, which as a rule differ quite a lot in water temperature and spawning times, we can usually find suitable fishing waters without such a long break. Summer fishing Is fun and varied and now we also fish more and more for other species such as Perch and Goose. But combination trips where we fish for several species at the same time are popular now. If the water temperature is too high, the pike in particular have longer recovery times, so it may happen that we completely avoid fishing for pike for a period and focus more on perch and zander. Autumn fishing Is the time of changes and the borderlands between summer and early autumn fishing can be the most daring thing you have witnessed with wild hunts of Pike and Perch in smaller areas. But it can also be a real challenge to come up with them. Further into autumn we go on a big pike hunt around large shoals of baitfish. A real high-flyer that can sometimes put patience and the forehead bone to the test, but then all of a sudden there are bent rods in both ours and the other boats!!

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Price list fishing

Here we present our price list for our fishing concepts. Fish like a full-blooded professional
(fishing license prices are added from about SEK 50-about SEK 200./day.)

guide + boat and fishing gear. max. 8h 4 Guests 7 000 SEK.
1 extra guest 1 750 SEK

Same packige but 4 hours
4 Guests 5 800 SEK.
1 extra guest 1 450 SEK

Lunch time

Grilled Toast in a Sandwich Iron A tasty and pleasant excursion meal The guests take their finished sandwiches and grill them themselves in the sandwich irons over an open fire. The following are included: Cooked coffee and a meal drink are included, however It is important that you inform all participants of their allergies at an early stage

Price 250 SEK/Guest