Overnight: Motorhomes and Caravans pitch

You who are looking for a combination of untouched nature and nice well-thought-out wilderness packages have now found the right place.

Several cozy accommodation options
Book one or more of our accommodation options at Camp Gysinge.

At Camp Gysinge we offer several cozy and wilderness-inspired accommodation options. With everything from pitches, living in cozy furnished tent cabins equipped with wood-burning stoves and really luxurious and wide tent beds! Then we also have a rustic raft hut for the small group who want cozy evenings around the central open fireplace with various party games, cooking activities over the fire and maybe a nice sauna...

When you stay at camp Gysinge, you share a toilet with others in the area at our service house. Here you can also throw away rubbish or fill up with water.
The location of the accommodation itself varies depending on the type of accommodation you want. Below we present our pitches and in the poufs further down you can read more about our rustic wilderness cabin as well as overnight stays in our cozy tent cabins etc.
We have a small but nicely located area for motorhomes and caravans.
- 5 pitches with electricity that cost SEK 180/pitch and night.
- 2 pitches without electricity which cost SEK 150/pitch and night.
All pitches can be pre-booked where any bookings are manually filled in by us on the respective date list for each individual pitch.

Find here
Granövägen 15 Gysinge.

Safty First

A pleasant wilderness expedition with fine weather conditions can quickly turn into an unpleasant experience if you are careless or inexperienced. Therefore, it is extremely important to be honest about your own experiences and equipment. We are happy to help you with tips and our recommendations are usually based on being prepared for the worst case scenario. Because then you have both the equipment and the right mindset to prevent things that can go wrong.

Pre-booking, Drop in booking and Payment

Done via email to You specify which places and which nights are desired as well as name, mobile number and Reg number for each respective booked place. Payment is made in connection with pre-booking to Swish number: 1230400085 enter your registration number, pitch number and date of payment.

Drop in booking
You look for a free place and check that the current dates are not too crossed on the pre-booking slip for the current pitch. If it is free, just park and upon arrival pay via swish to 1230400085, enter the registration number and current dates you intend to stay.
Payment if you don't have Swish:
- It is also fine to pay with cash
-This must be stated when paying abroad:

Adventure Service in Sweden AB
Ginvägen 5

IBAN: SE51 6000 0000 0006 1722 3912

Times and arrival, Cancel or rebook, Personal data

Times & arrival
Check-in at an available place may be done before 2 p.m. if you have ensured that the place is free.
Check-out no later than 2 pm on the day of departure.
There is no reception, instead you drive directly into the parking lot area and park in your reserved number or in an available space. In direct connection with this, the Swish payment is also made.

Cancel or rebook
For cancellation or rebooking, email us no later than 24 hours before your booked arrival to get the money back. enter full name, registration number and current date. email

Later cancellations than 24 hours before arrival time no refund.
If for any reason other than illness, accident or other agreement with ÄS you choose to leave your pitch, the pitch will not be refunded.

Personal data
The phone number you enter in the booking is only used if we need to get in touch with you in connection with your visit.

Order rules and Questions

Order rules
Camp Gysinge consists of different event areas and is a unique area where many different customer groups meet and that there are continuously different types of events that take place, everything from stag and hen parties to corporate events and other festivities. Many different types of activities are also conducted in the area. All parties in the area, regardless of whether you have rented a pitch or a larger event at one of the venues, must be aware that they need to show consideration and customs and adjust, for example, volume and behavior according to common sense and the time of day. But there are absolutely no guarantees that the area is quiet at night, so it's a risk you have to take if you choose to camp at Camp Gysinge's Ställplats. If you have questions about a possible increased risk of disruption, please ask our booking. But it also has its advantages, both in the form of a wide range of options for bookable options or a nice swim from one of our stepped piers. The morning and the evening cup of coffee can also be enjoyed from the banks of the river, so find a cozy spot and enjoy!

Show consideration and be tolerant of others staying in the area. Disruptive guests may be evicted immediately without compensation.
For questions and concerns, contact our booking department:
Mail to the book owner:
Mobile number for booking: +4670-591 50 01

Kortare bokningsbara aktiviteter.

Här hittar ni ett brett utbud av olika eventtillbehör till uthyrning. Som tex: Ljudanläggningar, bänkar, renfällar, filtar, facklor, värme, scen, golv, möbler, barer, matlagningsutrustning...

Par äventyret med 1-4 övernattningar.

Vi har några bra fotografer och bröllops dekoratörer som gärna hjälper er. Boka dem inte för sent bara!!

familjeäventyret med 1-4 övernattningar. 

-I följe av musikanter?
Pris offert.
-Padlandes i kanot? 
Pris från 1250kr
-Ståendes i fören på en båt:?
Pris från 3 500kr
-Häst och vagn?
Pris Offert.
Pris från 300kr
Pris från 1 500kr
-Varsin Segway?
Pris från 800kr
-4-hjuling och släp?
Pris från 2 000kr

Vickning på vårt sätt

Gör något kul och med lite stil låt gästerna mingla ut och briljera med sina pizza bak! Där de toppar de färdiga bottnarna med godsaker och sedan gräddar vi dem i våra vedeldade pizza ugnar innan de slicas upp till de imponerade gästerna!
Flera alternativ finns som tex:

-Att gästerna grillar sina egna toast i mackjärn över elden.

-Korvbuffé där gästerna får välja korv, tillagningssätt (steka på murikka eller grilla på grill. Samt bland olika tillval och bröd.   

Tips: Svärmorsdrömmen!?

kul aktivitet där brudgummen och bruden får varsina målar uppsättningar och får uppdraget att måla sin partner på ett beskrivande sätt som både visar utseendet och vad partnern egentligen är för en individ med olika intressen och egenskaper. Tavlorna ges därefter till respektive Svärmor.

Tips: Boka med fördel en visuell middag som delvis tillagas på plats.