Experience the Swedish wilderness

Färnebofjärden National Park and the surrounding protected areas welcome you to a wonderful nature experience

A place full of unique opportunities

You who are looking for a combination of untouched nature and nice well-thought-out wilderness packages have now found the right place.

Here you will find everything from partially manager-led packages with a high level of service. To the expedition made by your self , where we have packaged a nice basic package that you can use as a ground and then ad optional or bring your own equipment for supplement the basic package with. 

We only use high standard euqipment on ouer toures. 

It is very important to us that it is easy and safe for you as a visitor to visit and book us. Therefore, we try to clarify everything that is included in the packages as clearly as possible to reduce the risk of misunderstandings. If something feels unclear, it is therefore important that you as a guest ask us questions.

Safty First

A pleasant wilderness expedition with fine weather conditions can quickly turn into an unpleasant experience if you are careless or inexperienced. Therefore, it is extremely important to be honest about your own experiences and equipment. We are happy to help you with tips and our recommendations are usually based on being prepared for the worst case scenario. Because then you have both the equipment and the right mindset to prevent things that can go wrong.

Find your way to Camp Gysinge

Granövägen 14-17
Gysinge (Gästrikland)

Camp Gysinge 

Wilderness-inspired accommodation and experiences
Welcome to a cozy and versatile experience camp located semi-centrally in Gysinge by Dalälvensstrand. Many of our different customer categories meet here as we offer everything from corporate events, conferences, weddings, camp schools, stag/hen parties, family adventures to outdoor-loving guests visiting Gysinge and Färnebofjärden National Park. This is possible as the area is divided into different bookable areas/premises with slightly different orientations and styles. It is perfectly possible to book just a specific part or a completely complete package. Important to keep in mind is that the area where the camp is located is open to everyone, even if your group has booked an event place, there may be others swimming from the jetty or fishing... in the area for a while. But the area is large and everyone in the area shows consideration for each other, so they soon find their own place to be. The same applies to high volume at parties. Everyone learns to show consideration for each other and manage things neatly and within reasonable limits. The camp is divided into different areas that can be rented in their entirety or in different parts. These are also adapted to the different sizes of the parties

Nice meals in some nice cabins, big tipitents or restaurants

We collaborate with several different suppliers of food and in several of the premises you can also take care of your own food and drinks if desired. We also have a relatively wide range of cooking equipment for outdoor use if you wish to rent something.

Overnight: Motorhomes and Caravans Pitch

Welcome to our scenically located pitch for motorhomes and caravans. We have seven regular pitches, five of which are electric and cost SEK 180/night each. As well as 2 places without electricity which cost SEK 150/night each.

Access to toilets, drinking water and a scenic beach area to the Dalälven with ready-made barbecue areas, piers with bathing ladders and a wide range of bookable activities with everything from saunas to make your own fire, drop in canoes, rent a rowing boat and pleasant guided excursions and activities.

Pre-booked group bookings that have booked, for example, an event place have priority right there. But there is most often a quiet and nice place to sit and have your coffee. During certain events and periods, we temporarily increase the number of parking spaces and open up the courtyard with prepared electric spaces. These places may then mean a slightly higher price. The pitches can be pre-booked and this is done via email to

Overnight: Adventures familys or friends in ouer Wilderness cabin

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Rent canoes

In diffrent sizes from 2, 6 and up to 20 guests in one canoe!

Pree-book a nice Wildernes bath with sauna and hottubs.

Book a pleasant end to a lovely day in Gysinge. With a heated sauna and as many hot tubs as you wish. You book a handover time when the bath must be heated and ready, so our leader shows and tells you at the handover how you maintain the maintenance fire yourself for the rest of the evening.