Drop in Sauna fire your self Camp Gysinge

Can also be prebooked during four sesons

Drop in Sauna or prebooked

Camp Gysinge hear we have two wilderness baths, when it is free we offer a drop in sauna. Where you call us and get a code for a lock where we have the sauna key. Then it's just a matter of waving and lighting a fire in the wood-burning sauna heater. The sauna will be at full temperature in about 45 minutes. If you book the sauna in combination with our canoes, it's just right to make a first bonfire before you go paddling. We always rent out the sauna to a maximum of one party at a time. The sauna can be booked during these time intervals:
The prices are: Adult SEK 250/person Youth under 12 SEK 150/person Children up to and including 4 years free. NOTE minimum charge 2 people max charge/time interval 8-10 people The sauna at Camp North is biggest and up to 10 people. Camp south is up to 8 people.

Pre-booking and Payment
Pre-booking Done via email to You specify which places and which nights are desired as well as name, mobile number.PaymentIs made in connection with pre-booking to Swish number: 1230400085 enter your name, name of package or activity and your arrival date.

Payment if you don't have Swish:- It is also fine to pay with cash or
-This must be stated when paying abroad:

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The sauna in Gysinge has a smaller changing room and as the top picture shows, it is not far to the bathing jetty with a ladder. If smaller children are swimming, we recommend full supervision and preferably life jackets, as the current can carry those who cannot swim outwards or to the sides. This was lit!! This concept needs to be booked in advance. Here we prepare the sauna so that it is warm and comfortable when you arrive. You can borrow a key from us and you turn it off and lock it yourself and leave it in the designated place. Price SEK 2,500. Interested in the whole wilderness bath, see more info here:

Vildmarksbad i Gysinge


Specifications Fantastic view of the river and only a few meters to the bathing jetty with ladder. Specifications: About 2 meter long lichens in the sauna area for up to 8-10 people who bathe at the same time. -Smaller dressing room - Electric lighting in and outside the sauna. The nearest real toilet is about 50-80 meters from the both saunas.

Find the way to the sauna

We have two saunas on Camp Gysinge the one on the map is camp South And the one on Camp north is about 120 meters north of Camp South.

The sauna is located only meters becide river Dalälven.  Come and enjoy Welcome!!

Safty first!!!

The sauna is wonderfully located by the valley river. But be careful as it is flowing water that pulls out from land. Keep an eye on each other, especially if there are children and guests who are starting to get a little round underfoot as the area is also not surrounded by a fence. So be careful and not more than a little round underfoot!! Thanks in advance!!

Drop in or prebooked a canoe or ather nice excursion accessories

Drop in and book a canoe in Gysinge While the sauna gets warm, you can take the opportunity to take a nice trip on the river with our drop-in canoes.